West Seattle Pizza: Pegasus Pizza on Alki Tom's Special
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West Seattle Pizza: Pegasus Pizza on Alki Beach


Pegasus Pizza on Alki beach has been around for over 30 years. How can a pizza place stay in business so long and NOT be good?

West Seattle Pizza: Pegasus Pizza and Pasta on Alki Beach in the fall.

Great appetizers, happy hour and specials the pizza joint is located right on Alki Beach. This place has some great drink specials and probably the best bartenders in all of West Seattle. The owner, Ted Nicoloudakis has focused on quality first and even though it might take some time to get in, it is totally worth it.

If I had to classify this pizza, it would be leaning toward Greek style. BTW, their Greek salad is REAL good. Also the feta bread. Good stuff.

I would suggest calling in a reservation because if the beach is busy, Pegasus Pizza will be busy. One of my favorite dishes are the meatballs and garlic bread. Real good stuff.

You could head down California Ave in West Seattle and find a number of decent pizza, but none of those locations will have the view of the Puget Sound, eagles, whales, seals and people that you will find down at Pegasus.

Good place for date night: Yes

Good place to bring the kids: Yes

Great view: Yes

Food Quality: Yes

Service: Great

Highly recommended West Seattle pizza and you never go away hungry. Any ingredients are made in-house, sourced from local Pacific Northwest food vendors.

West Seattle Pizza: Pegasus Pizza on Alki Tom's Special